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    According to Beck, Sawyer cut ties with him after the Council on American-Islamic Relations threatened the network and its parent company Disney with a boycott if they didn't take Beck off the air. This turned Sawyer, in Beck's eyes, into a pro-Muslim "bigot."
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    "No matter how much regulation this new bill brings in, the illegal recruiters will always find some loophole or other," Garg says. "That's their job — they look for loopholes like hawks and always find them, and exploit them. For the United States to effectively regulate these illegal practices, they have to hook up with some department in India."
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    -Maritime jobs. Retain and strengthen the maritime industry and port commerce for new well-paying jobs and fewer polluting trucks on our roads. The long-dormant Brooklyn waterfront can be an incubator for innovation and manufacturing in the emerging green economy, and the New York Container Port on Staten Island must take its place as part of the global hub serving the region and beyond.
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    Neither did the commentary of such august Israel observers as the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, who tweeted "I understand why Israelis have gas-mask anxiety, but a Syrian chem. weapons attack on Israel would mean the obliteration of Assad."
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    The Congress party appointed him as its vice president this year to boost his profile. But he has been eclipsed by Narendra Modi, a charismatic pro-business leader who is now the prime ministerial candidate of the opposition Bhratiya Janata Party.
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    But questions remain about Pierce, in particular, and whether that rough showing in the postseason against the Knicks was, as he indicated, a product of being overworked during the regular season, or whether it was a more ominous sign about his inability to keep up with younger, quicker players.
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